Paola Russo

Sapienza University of Rome
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Title: Innovation trends in food drying and beverage dealcoholisation

Yalcin Kaya

Trakya University
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Title: Molecular Screening of Downy Mildew Resistant Genotypes in Sunflower

George Siragakis

Food Allergens Laboratory
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Title: Multi-analyte allergen analysis in food by LC-MS/MS

Henrik Haller

Mid Sweden University
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Title: Growing food in contaminated soils – risks and opportunities

Rangrong Yoksan

Kasetsart University
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Title: Thermoplastic starch-based films

Ming-Hwo Yao

Agricultural Research Institute
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Title: Assessing the Water–Energy–Food nexus of cherry tomato production under different cultivation systems

Manfred Zinn

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
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Title: Syngas as a substrate for the synthesis of the bioplastic poly(3-hyroxybutyrate) in Rhodospirillum rubrum

Vidhya Rangaswamy

Reliance Industries Limited
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Title: Lignocellulosic biomass to monomers of synthetic rubber

Ruta Navakauskiene

Vilnius University
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Title: Impact of Molecular Factors Associated with Epigenetic Regulation in Leukemia

Hyeun-Jong Bae

Chonnam National University
South Korea
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Title: Production of Valuable Biosugars from Ground Coffee

Deepak K.Tuli

DBT-IOC Bio-Energy Research Centre
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Title: Biomass Valorization options for India

Robooni Tumuhimbise

National Agricultural Research Organization
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Title: Breeding of East African Highland Bananas (Musa spp.) in Uganda: From Nearly Impossible to Routine Release of Varieties


  • Submit an abstract including a session description
  • Provide a color photo for promotional communications.
  • Register for the conference upon acceptance. All conference registration fees, travel expenses and hotel accommodations are at the speaker’s expense.
  • Speakers are responsible for making their own travel and hotel reservations.
  • Submit final PPT presentation using conference template for final review/approval prior to conference.
  • Each presentation: 20 minutes including 5 minutes for questions/answers.
  • Make sure your presentation is representative of what was promoted to the attendees in conference program
  • Do not use off-color jokes, sexist remarks, and racial, political, or religious references. Do not use humor at the expense of any members of the audience.
  • Be conscious of the make-up of your audience. Your audience may come from different industries, professions and geographical regions.
  • Speaker should check-in with the Room Monitor BEFORE the presentation session begins.
  • A/V technician or room monitor will have a PC laptop set-up before each presentation.
  • Upon arrival, speakers must check-in at the conference registration desk.
  • Presenters should bring a backup copy of their PPT presentation on a USB flash stick/travel drive to the conference

Not Allowed : Promotion of any product or service within the presentation and/or through distribution of written promotional material. No commercials! Your best “advertisement” is to deliver a professional and relevant presentation. The purpose of the conference breakout sessions is to educate

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